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Ravengreen's Applications guide for Windows OS.
cnet's free windows application downloads.
Steam digital game store for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
Hackintosh allows you to rum Mac OSX on a windows PC.

Ravengreen's Cloud Applications guide.

Ravengreen's MAME guide.
Cool roms - MAME ROMs
Planet Emulation - MAME ROMs
Mame Dev - MAME ROMs
Ravengreen's Media guide.
YTS is a web based movie torrent site.

Ravengreen's Minecraft server and Map.
Minecraft is virtual block building world.
Block ID - Minecraft block ID builders guide.
MCEdit - Open source world editor for the game Minecraft.

Ravengreen's OpenSim server guide.
OpenSim virtual world server and Firestorm viewer.
Ravengreen's OpenSim login and server -
Sim on a Stick is OpenSim, BulletSim physics, Diva D2, MySQL, Apache, and PHP.

Ravengreen's Windows 8 PC Hardware guide.
PassMark - PC Hardware benchmarks.

Ravengreen's Ubuntu Domain Controler server guide.
Build your own Ubuntu Domain Controller, Wired/Wireless Router, Mame Box.
Ubuntu linux OS serverdesktoptablet and phone.
Wine allows you to run many Windows programs on ubuntu.

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