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, Ravengreen is Marc’s web page. 

Marc is a Graphic Artist and Information Technology Consultant in Seattle.
Adminstrator's Open Domain/Network Guide
pfSense is an open source firewall/router based on FreeBSD.
Samba provides support for cross-platform file and printer sharing.
Ubuntu is an open source platform for smartphone, tablets, desktop PCs and servers.
Algodoo scenes authored by Chazznoon (Marc)
Algodoo is an physics-based 2D sandbox.
Download Algodoo for Windows, Mac and iPhone.
Algoryx's Algodoo youtube guide.
Graphic Artist
Interface Designer

Minecraft server and Map
Minecraft virtual block building world.
Minecraft Block ID - Minecraft block ID builders guide.
Minecraft for beginners youtube guide.

OpenSim server -
High Fidelity is Open Source software for a shared Virtual Reality.
OpenSim virtual world server and Firestorm viewer.
Sim on a Stick is OpenSim, BulletSim physics, Diva D2, MySQL, Apache, and PHP.
Art photography
Landscape photography
Portrait photography
Rhino models authored by Chazznoon (Marc)
Rhino is a 3D computer graphics and computer-aided design (CAD) application for windows.
User guide and models
for Rhino.
Youtube guide
for Rhino.
The Hellenistic Trilogy of Star trek foundry missions authored by Chazznoon (Marc).
Star Trek Online is a Free to play massively multiplayer online game.
Beginners guide / walkthrough for Star Trek Online.
Foundry for Star Trek Online  youtube guide.

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